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Product Details
Rolling Closure Site Preparation

Whenever the use of a rolling product is appropriate, good site preparation and attention to the details will make the installation easy and trouble free.

Rolling products are always coiled above an opening. The coiling mechanism consists of the rolling grille barrel that is held in place by end plates and driven by an (optional) motor operator. All of these components are usually carried by a steel support frame, attached to the building structure and installed above a finished ceiling. If they are free standing or if the coil is exposed on one or more sides, they may be finished or covered with a hood or fascia to hide the mechanism.

Rolling Closure End Plate Pack-off Details 0.04 MB
Rolling Closure Support Details Face-of-Wall 0.04 MB
Rolling Closure Support Details Between Jamb 0.01 MB
Rolling Closure Ceiling Access Panels 0.03 MB
Rolling Closure Hand Crank Operator 0.04 MB
Rolling Closure Motor Back of Coil Mounting 0.03 MB
Rolling Closure Motor Standard Top of Coil 0.03 MB
Rolling Grille Hood-Fascia detail 0.06 MB
Rolling Closure Weight Calculation Sheet 0.01 MB