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Product Details
Product Details
Sliding Closure Site Preparation Sliding Closure Site Preparation
To ensure proper functioning of the sliding grille or closure good site preparation is key. Dynaflair sliding products will give many years of trouble-free operation in a well prepared opening.
Sliding Closure Locking Methods Sliding Closure Locking Methods
All Dynaflair Sliding Grilles and Closures are available with a wide range of tough and reliable locking devices. Each grille can be configured with its own unique combination of locking posts to accommodate the physical characteristics and security requirements of your project.
Sliding Closure Track Support Sliding Closure Track Support
Dynaflair Sliding Closures and Grilles should be connected to properly prepared overhead supports. The simple, straightforward structures needed to hold the top track (we need no bottom track!) are easily within the range of any contractor.
Rolling Closure Site Preparation Rolling Closure Site Preparation
Whenever the use of a rolling product is appropriate, good site preparation and attention to the details will make the installation easy and trouble free.
Rolling Closure Locking & Control Rolling Closure Locking & Control
Dynaflair Rolling Closures and Grilles are fitted with a locking devices that will accept all types of master-keyed or control-key lock cylinders.
Rolling Closure Operators Rolling Closure Operators
Dynaflair rolling products may be powered by an electric motor for added convenience, however, rolling grilles over 16 feet wide and 10 feet high may require a motor.