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Sliding Closure Track Support

Dynaflair Sliding Closures and Grilles should be connected to properly prepared overhead supports. The simple, straightforward structures needed to hold the top track (we need no bottom track!) are easily within the range of any contractor.

A well-supported Sliding Grille or Closure will give many years of trouble free operation. If the grille track is installed to a continuous, solid surface that can hold the weight of a folded up grille at any point then it will operate more easily. We recommend that the following headers be used to mount the sliding grille track from a structure above ceilings.

Sliding Closure Track Detail 0.05 MB
Sliding Closure Support Details Section General.pdf 0.03 MB
Sliding Closure Support Details 0.08 MB
Sliding Closure Weights REV.pdf 0.01 MB

Sliding Closure Support Detail Section
Sliding Grille TrackSupport PIC